traditional link charm bracelet and charm diary

Your little charmer won't be little all her life.  Why buy a short bracelet only to have to buy something longer every few years?  Our traditional style charm bracelets have a custom clasp which allows space to securely clip to a soldered link.  Simply shift the link to which you are clasping as they grow and you can avoid the inconvenience and expense of new bracelets and moving the charms.

Select either a small or medium link charm bracelet, then the length either 7" or 8".  Link size is just a matter of personal preference.  However, the smaller the link does offer more links per inch to attach charms for the serious charm collector.  A number of people ask what "length" to order.  Many adults wear 7" bracelets.  Typically, we recommend a 7" length bracelet for children.

Now that you’ve selected a charm bracelet, it’s time to think about selecting some charms. Think about your charm collector and her interests…does she play sports, have a pet, love a particular food, play an instrument, take dance lessons, go on a fun vacation…the possibilities are endless once you start to think about it! Browse through our extensive charm collection, let the category names jump start your creativity!

Start with one charm or a few to begin to tell her story...

All MCL charm bracelets are sent with a complimentary charm diary making it truly unforgettable. Include a personal note on one of the many pages expressing why a particular charm was chosen. When it’s time to pass down the bracelet to a special someone, having recorded the who, when and why of each charm makes the sentimental journey even more memorable!
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