Luggage Charm Tags


You don’t have to fly first class to have first class style! MyCharmedLife offers an assortment of Luggage Charm Tags to delightfully accent your suitcase, stroller, back-pack and any other portable you want to personalize as yours.

Don’t be stuck lifting every bag on the baggage claim conveyor to see if it’s yours. With MyCharmedLife’s luggage charm tags, there’s no guessing that the bag with the adorable luggage charm is yours!

One side of the luggage charm is adorned with a whimsical design and the other, offers ample space to record your contact information with a permanent marker. Then, use the grosgrain ribbon provided to simply triple knot the luggage charm to your bag and enjoy!

The gals at MyCharmedLife travel a lot. They have been using the luggage charm tags for more than two years now. The luggage charm tags have withstood the baggage handlers at all the major airlines…some the suitcases haven’t…but the luggage charm tags have and were moved to the new suitcases!


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