My Charmed Life Studio

Alamo Charm Vintage

Vintage Alamo Charm or Vintage San Antonio TX charm is sterling silver with protective resin coveri...


Arkansas Razorbacks Charm Vintage

Vintage, sterling silver Arkansas Razorbacks charm with red and white enamel for the school colors....


Atlanta Charm Vintage

Vintage, sterling silver Atlanta charm with enamel features the dogwood flower, the state flower. ...


Birth Certificate Charm Vintage

Commemorate the birth of a boy with this adorable, engravable, Vintage Birth Certificate Charm ador...


Blue Bell Charm Vintage

Vintage sterling silver Blue Bell Charm with protective resin covering the featured logo illustrati...


Blushing Santa Claus Charm Vintage

Beautiful, vintage, sterling silver with enamel Santa Claus charm. Sterling mark is visible on th...


Brown County Indiana Charm Vintage

Vintage, sterling silver Brown County, IN charm, depicting a covered bridge under a perfect blue sk...


California Charm Vintage

Vintage Sterling silver California Charm has protective resin covering the colorful, featured illus...


Cat Charm Vintage

Beautiful, sterling silver, vintage Cat charm featuring gray fur with a black face, paws and tail. ...


Charm Attachment Service

Been meaning to get those loose charms attached to your bracelet or want a more secure link for som...


Charm Bracelet Medium Link 7 inch

Sterling silver, 7 inch length, traditional medium link charm bracelet.


Charm Bracelet Small Link 7 inch

Sterling silver Traditional Small Link Charm Bracelet - 7 inch length.


Cigarette Lighter Charm Vintage

Any Mad Men lover will love this vintage, sterling silver, moveable Cigarette Lighter Charm. Ster...


Cleaning and Inspection Service

Our cleaning process requires your bracelet to be submerged in a mild jewelry cleanser and utilizes...


Clock Intaglio Charm Vintage

Vintage, Intaglio, Reverse Painted Clock Charm features black numbers and a gold colored dial. Inta...


Color Guard Charm Vintage

Vintage, sterling silver with enamel Color Guard Charm with 'Sterling' and hallmark clearly imprint...


Cowboy Intaglio Charm Vintage

Giddy up and get this beautiful, vintage, round glass cabochon with reverse painted scene of a cowb...


Dearborn Michigan Charm Vintage

Our vintage, sterling silver with enamel Dearborn, MI charm with colorful enamel. Sterling mark is...