Meet the MCL Team

Maggie - My Charmed Life Intern  
Patty - My Charmed Life Co-Creator  
Chris - My Charmed Life Co-Creator  

Meet Maggie, always on the lookout, when she isn’t sleeping, Maggie notifies us when USPS or UPS has arrived. It’s her job to welcome them, so they can pet her of course, next it’s off to run around the front yard sniffing everything and anything…




Patty, definitely the right brain of the charm curation is her specialty.  Whether it's new or vintage, Patty is the person who can track down your heart's desire.  Charm bracelet assembly is a snap...charms are arranged in a fun, balanced order to make all wrists gorgeous!




An avid charm collector since age 8, Chris enjoys traveling, cooking, running and gardening…all of which are represented on her charm bracelet. More of the left brain in the office, if you email or call, you’re most likely communicating with Chris!