My Charmed Life's Sterling silver charm collection - Sports Charms

Sports Charms

1st Place Ribbon Charm

Sterling silver 1st Place Ribbon Charm


Add a Pink Charm Pouch

Make your sterling silver charm even more special tucked into our popular pink Charm Pouch. Th...


Archery Charm

We've found the perfect charm for our Archers...this sterling silver Archery Charm has it all! ...


Arrow Charm

How can an arrow be cute you say?  Well, just take a look at this fabulous Arrow Charm and you...


ATV - 4 Wheeler Charm

Sterling silver charm with 3D qualities.  You'll love having this ATV/4Wheeler charm on your b...


Baseball Charm

Sterling Silver Baseball or Softball charm with 3D qualities, approx 3/8 inch wide.All charms have ...


Baseball Charm - bat, cap and ball

Sterling Silver Baseball charm featuring Bats crossed with baseball hat and ball.  Charm has&n...


Baseball Charm - Glove

Sterling Silver Baseball or Softball Glove Charm with 3D qualities, approx 3/8 inch wide.All charms...


Basketball Charm

Sterling silver Basketball Charm with 3D qualities, approx 1/4 inch wideAll charms have a comp...


Basketball Charm - I Heart Basketball

Sterling silver basketball charm featuring a basketball net and backstop.  This charm has...


Basketball Player Charm Female

Our sterling silver Female Basketball Player Charm is shown taking the shot!   ...


Bike Charm

Sterling Silver Bike Charm with 3D qualities, approx 5/8 inch wide.All charms have a complimen...


Billiards Charm - Pool Rack

Sterling silver Billiard Rack Charm shows all of the solid and striped balls inside the rack. ...


Binoculars Charm

Sterling Silver Binoculars Charm with 3D qualities, approx 1/2 inch tall.All charms have a complime...


Birthstone Drops

Nature's colors are beautifully highlighted on one side of the sterling silver bevel to give any ne...


Bowling Charm - Pin and Ball mvbl

If you bowl, this sterling silver Bowling Ball and Pin Charm are for you!  Approx 1 ...


Boxing Gloves Charm

Sterling Silver Boxing Gloves Charm with 3D qualities, approx 5/8 inch wide.All charms have a compl...


Carabiner Charm

How do you represent rock climbing on your charm bracelet?  Why, with a Carabiner charm of cou...


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