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Education Charms

1st Place Ribbon Charm

Sterling Silver 1st Place Ribbon Charm with 3D qualities, approx 3/4 inch long.


Add a Pink Charm Pouch

Make your sterling silver charm even more special tucked into our popular pink Charm Pouch. Th...


Apple Charm

Sterling Silver with 2D qualities (open back), approx 3/8 inch tallApple


Apple Charm - Enamel

This awesome, sterling silver apple with red enamel is perfect to represent teaching, New York City...


Apple Charm - Medium 3D

Sterling silver charm with 3D qualities. Approximately 1/2 inch terms:  teacher, p...


Apple Charm #1 Teacher

Sterling Silver with 3D qualities, approx 1/2 inch tallsearch terms:  teacher, graduation, edu...


Apple Charm Outline

Sterling Silver with 3D qualities, approx 1/2 inch terms:  teacher, pie, new york,...


Arkansas Razorbacks Charm Vintage

Vintage, sterling silver Arkansas Razorbacks charm with red and white enamel for the school colors....


Birthstone Drops

Nature's colors are beautifully highlighted on one side of the sterling silver bevel to give any ne...


Book Charm

Sterling Silver Book Charm with 3D qualities, approx 1/2' wide.All charms have a complimentary ster...


Bookworm Charm

Sterling Silver Bookworm Charm with 3D qualities. Approximately 5/8 inch tall.


Calculator Charm

Sterling Silver Calculator Charm with 3D qualities. Approximately 7/8 inch long.All charms have a c...


Charm Attachment Service

Been meaning to get those loose charms attached to your bracelet or want a more secure link for som...


Cleaning and Inspection Service

Our cleaning process requires your bracelet to be submerged in a mild jewelry cleanser and utilizes...


Computer Charm

Sterling Silver with 2D qualities, open back, approx 5/8 inch tallComputer


Computer Charm - Laptop mvbl

Just like a real laptop, our Laptop Computer Charm opens, with the bail attachment at the hinge.&nb...


Crayons Box Charm

Sterling Silver Crayons Box Charm has 3D qualities and approx 1/2 inch tall.


Faith, Hope Believe Trio Stack Charm

Three inspirations in one charm!  This trio of stacked sterling silver discs with the followin...